Classification of gas cylinders

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1. Classification by manufacturing method
According to the manufacturing method, the gas cylinders can be classified into the following four categories.
(1) Welding cylinder
The welding gas cylinder is formed by welding a cylindrical cylinder welded by a thin steel plate and a sealing head at both ends. Welding gas cylinders are mostly used to hold low-pressure liquefied gases, such as liquefied sulfur dioxide.
(2) Control gas cylinders
Control cylinders are seamless cylinders made of seamless steel tubes. The sealing head at both ends is formed by heating the steel pipe on a special machine tool by means of spinning or pressing.
(3) punching and drawing gas cylinder
The utility model is characterized in that after the steel ingot is heated, the concave sealing head is punched out, and then the open preform is formed by drawing, and then the top sealing head and the mouthpiece are prepared according to the method of controlling the gas cylinder.
(4) Wound gas cylinder
The gas cylinder is composed of an inner cylinder of aluminum and an alkali-free glass fiber wound with a certain thickness outside the inner cylinder. The role of the aluminum inner cylinder is to ensure the airtightness of the cylinder. The pressure bearing strength of the gas cylinder depends on the outer surface of the inner cylinder to be integrated into the fiberglass shell wall (with epoxy phenolic resin or the like as a binder). The fiber material of the casing is easy to "age", so the service life is generally not as good as that of steel cylinders.
Second, according to the physical state of the loaded media
Gas cylinders can be classified into the following three categories according to the physical state of the loaded medium.
(1) Permanent gas cylinders
A gas with a critical temperature below -10 ° C is called a permanent gas, and a gas cylinder containing a permanent gas is called a permanent gas cylinder. For example, cylinders containing oxygen, nitrogen, air, carbon monoxide, and inert gases are examples of this type. Its common standard pressure series are 15 MPa, 20 MPa, 30 MPa.
(2) Liquefied gas cylinders
The various gases whose critical temperature is equal to or higher than -10 ° C are gaseous at normal temperature and normal pressure, and become liquid after being pressurized and cooled. Among these gases, some have higher critical temperatures (above 70 ° C), such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, propane, liquefied petroleum gas, etc., called high critical temperature liquefied gases, also known as low pressure liquefied gases. The gas cylinders that store these gases are low pressure liquefied gas cylinders. At ambient temperature, the low-pressure liquefied gas is always in a coexisting state of gas-liquid two phases, and the pressure in the gas phase is the saturated vapor pressure of the gas at the corresponding temperature. Considering the maximum operating temperature of 60 ° C, the saturated vapor pressure of all high critical temperature liquefied gases is below 5 MPa, so this type of gas can be filled with a low pressure gas cylinder. The standard pressure series is 1.0 MPa, 1.6 MPa, 2.0 MPa, 3.0 MPa, and 5.0 MPa.
(3) Dissolved gas cylinder
This cylinder is a cylinder for acetylene. Since acetylene gas is extremely unstable, especially under high pressure, it is easy to polymerize or decompose. The acetylene after liquefaction is slightly vibrated, which will cause an explosion. Therefore, it cannot be filled in a compressed gas state, and acetylene must be dissolved in a solvent (common acetone). Medium, and filled with a porous substance (such as calcium silicate porous material, etc.) as an absorbent. The maximum working pressure of dissolved gas cylinders generally does not exceed 3.0 MPa, and its safety problem has special characteristics. For example, acetone in acetylene cylinders will cause static electricity in acetylene cylinders, causing combustion, explosion, and increased consumption of acetone. .

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