Safe use of gas cylinders

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Prevent the cylinder from getting hot. The gas cylinder in use should not be exposed to the sun in the hot sun. Do not approach the fire source and high temperature zone. The distance from the open flame should not be less than 10 m. Do not use high pressure steam to directly blow the gas cylinder. It is forbidden to use hot hydrolysis and open flame baking. The cylinder is heated with a heat source having a temperature exceeding 40 °C.
When the gas cylinder is placed vertically, measures should be taken to prevent dumping; when opening the valve, it should be slowly opened to prevent the accessory from increasing pressure to produce high temperature; for gas cylinders of combustible gas, steel cylinders cannot be used to strike the cylinder to prevent sparks; The bottle valve and its accessories shall not be greased, and the oxygen bottle shall not be operated after the hand or glove is stained with oil.
At the end of the use of the gas cylinder, there should be residual gas, which is mainly used to prevent accidents caused by mixing other gases or impurities. Gas cylinders are used in applications where backflow (reverse irrigation) is possible. There must be means to prevent backflow, such as check valves, check valves, buffer tanks, etc. Residual oil and gas in liquefied petroleum gas cylinders shall be recycled by facilities with safety measures and shall not be disposed of by themselves.
Strengthen the maintenance of gas cylinders. The paint layer on the outer wall of the gas cylinder can be both anti-corrosion and identification mark, which can prevent misuse and mixing, and keep the integrity of the paint surface and the clear mark. The incorporation of moisture into the bottle will accelerate the corrosion of the inner wall of the cylinder, and the cylinder must be dried before filling. The gas cylinder use unit shall not change the type of filling gas by itself or change the color mark of the gas cylinder without authorization. If it is really necessary to replace it, an application should be made, and the cylinder inspection unit is responsible for the modification of the cylinder. The unit responsible for the modification determines whether the cylinder is suitable for the gas to be replaced, based on the stamp mark and safety status of the cylinder. During the modification, the inside of the cylinder should be thoroughly cleaned, inspected, stamped and painted, and the corresponding accessories replaced with the words, color rings and colors of the modified gas.

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